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What Happened To The Led Zeppelin Boeing 720? “The Starship”

The members of Led Zeppelin once had their own private Boeing 720 to tour across North America in the middle of the 1970s. The jet, dubbed The Starship, was modded to meet every requirement of the rock band.

The unit held registration N7201U and was the first Boeing 720 built. It was initially delivered to United Airlines in October 1960. However, the 138-seater saw its most famous action following its purchase for $600,000 in 1973.

According to I Love Classic Rock, new owners Bobby Sherman and Ward Sylvester splashed $200,000 into the project. By the time the new configuration was over, the main cabin featured a 30-foot-long couch that ran along the right side of the plane, as well as a TV and video cassette player.

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