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Dolly Parton to launch alcoholic drinks range

It is understood from the reports that Parton could be releasing the range of wines as early as this year, with the trade marked name “family cellars” hinting the venture could potentially include family members or perhaps a partnership with a wine estate.

A source told the The Sun: “Dolly is always looking at new ways to reach her audience and thought her own wine was a swell idea.

“She isn’t a huge drinker herself but she likes to have something special when she does fancy a tipple.

“She has been involved in developing the wine and is excited for it to hit the shelves.”

“I don’t know too much about different kinds. But I know I like the kind that has a little of that dryish feeling at the end.”

In addition, she has highlighted that she drinks wine on the plane, when she gets nervous during turbulence. She told Kix TV: “I’d always drink some of the wine on the plane… I always call it…Summers Eve wine.”

“So I was drinking wine, my mama said, ‘I don’t like you drinkin’. I said, ‘Well mama, it’s just a little wine, I get nervous.’”

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