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Coachella facing $28,000 fine after Lana Del Rey broke golden rule

According TMZ, the singer cost the festival an estimated $28,000 for not following the strict rules regarding her set.

Before you get worried, the rules aren’t about what songs she can and can’t perform but rather how long it is.

According to the outlet, the city of Indio charges Coachella a small fortune for every minute that it goes over curfew.

Speaking to TMZ, a representative for the City of Indio said the singer’s set went over by 13 minutes.

It doesn't actually doesn’t sound too bad but based on the arrangement the organizers have with the city, this can quickly prove to be a costly few minutes.

City officials have previously told the publication that as part of its agreement with Goldenvoice, the festival is charged a daily fine of $20,000 for the first five minutes past curfew, and an additional $1,000 every minute after that.

The singer's fans seemed unphazed by the news and have praised the star for giving an unforgettable performance at the festival.

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