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Michael Anthony On Van Halen Celebrations That Came & Went: ‘It Wasn’t To Be’

In 2022, news of a Van Halen tribute project included Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Joe Satriani. Metallica bassist Jason Newsted first stated he had been approached to be part of the tribute. Afterward, Anthony said he too was asked. Ultimately, nothing ever came of the tribute.

“Now I, myself, I got a call from Alex and Dave a few years, right around that same time [they contacted Newsted],” said Anthony. “And they wanted to put something together, and Joe was in the mix. I remember talking to Joe a couple of times after that, too. And Joe was telling me, ‘Yeah, well, they gave me some of that album and told me to listen to it or whatever.’

“All I can say is – I’m not gonna point fingers – but through all of this, one of the ingredients was not, let’s say, playing ball with everybody else. And that’s all I’m gonna say. I’ll let you all figure it out. And that’s why none of it worked. And you’ve read [the same] probably with Wolfgang’s interviews, too, that he’s been doing this past year.”

Anthony then mentioned the disappointing 2007 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. Of the members who were being inducted, only Anthony and Hagar attended the ceremony. Edward was reportedly in rehab at the time, while Alex and Roth opted not to show up for the event.

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