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Promo for 10 14 23 Wine Country Saturday Soundtrack

I'm Big Rick Stuart host of the Wine Country Saturday soundtrack check us out right here every Saturday. We start at 8 a .m. 10 to 10 happens, a Beatles brunch at noon happens with four songs from the Fab Four. That's always cool.

Hey this weekend. We have fun music and great information as always. I'll tell you about a Napa Valley wine company that has the exclusive rights to these monsters on their wine labels Monster wines... Halloween… All right.

Like Tahoe but a little too crowded? How about some alternative trips up to Gold Country some cool places to visit.

Crocs has a new shoe out that's actually kind of not a shoe. It's crazy And if you're a total Crocs nut, you're gonna have to have these.

World's Best Whiskey has been awarded and you wouldn't believe the country that provided the whiskey for the world's best whiskey you'll have to tune in and find out this weekend The Wine Country Saturday Soundtrack right here at 99 three the Vine.

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