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‘Only Murders in the Building’ Season 4: Everything to Know About the Next Whodunnit

Who Will Be in 'Only Murders' Season 4?

News is starting to trickle in about the cast. The first thing fans could take comfort in is knowing the show’s core trio — Mabel, Charles and Oliver — will be returning, without a doubt.

In February, news broke that Molly Shannon is joining Only Murders in the Building season 4. She will play a high-powered, Los Angeles businesswoman, who finds herself drawn into the world of Sazz’s murder investigation in New York. Not much else is known about her role.

Shannon may have been the first new castmember announced for this season, but Eva Longoria, Eugene Levy, Kumail Nanjiani and Zach Galifianakis’ castings quickly followed. Like Shannon’s character, Longoria, Levy and Nanjiani’s roles are being kept under wraps, but they will all be integral to the twists and turns of season four’s investigation.

This time around, Mabel, Charles and Oliver will have to find who killed their beloved friend and Charles’ longtime stunt double, Sazz.

Hulu announced Only Murders in the Building was renewed for season four on Oct. 3, the day season three released its final episode. Since the renewal is still fresh, there isn’t any news about a release date for its next installment yet, but summer 2024 might be a safe-ish bet since every season of the show has premiered in the summer. However, while the writers strike might be over, the actors strike continues, which could potentially delay season four’s release. Rest assured, though, the Only Murders in the Building writers room opened Oct. 9, Hoffman told THR, so as soon as the studios and the actors union come to an agreement, the show will be able to begin production.

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