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Meet the private chefs on tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Chef Corrina Becker is the band's personal and tour chef.

"I started making chocolate and I sold it at a local grocery store in Los Angeles called Erewhon," said Becker. "Then the guys found it through friends and just through knowing them, and they decided to take some on tour, but I didn't start cooking for them for a long time."

When it comes to each band member, each one has a different, specific diet they stick to.

"When people ask me what do you cook? What do they like? Or what's your specialty? I often say my specialty is listening. Food is so personal. So you there's no blanket statement. What's good for one person is good for everybody. Food is our first medicine or it is our first poison," said Becker.

Chef Tanya Collyer works for the band through the UK-based tour catering company called Rockpool. Tanya has worked with many other bands - from Florence and the Machine to Pink - to name a few.

Tanya explained how far the industry has come in terms of a healthier diet and lifestyle.

"People now in the Rock and Roll industry, are focusing more on - not only what they eat - but their habits," said Collyer. "It's all health driven these days is more centered on health. Whereas, 20 years ago, it was definitely not centered on health."

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