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What’s the Most Popular Costco Product? Here’s a State-by-State Breakdown

Convenience Wins

When it comes to the most popular item, it’s not surprising that convenience is key. In fact, the product that reigned supreme is the Goodles Cheddy Mac White Cheddar Shells, which dominated the online discussions in an impressive four states—Georgia, Mississippi, New York, and Ohio—the most out of any single item. Shoppers love the fact that this mac and cheese has more protein than most boxed varieties, thus making it a bit healthier, and also praised it for its ease, cheesiness, and affordability.

Another convenient item that followed closely behind is the Trident Fish Sticks, which are the most popular Costco purchase in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington. Sold frozen, these fish sticks are panko breaded and ready-to-eat in as little as three minutes.

Kirkland Signature Is King

As far as in-store labels go, Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand is one of the best there is. We’ve chosen our favorite Kirkland Signature items, and it’s no surprise that shoppers across the country have their own top Kirkland picks as well. In fact, nearly two thirds (19 out of 30) of Costco’s most popular products come from the Kirkland Signature line. This includes Kirkland Signature Organic No-Salt Seasoning, Kirkland Signature Three Berry Blend, and Kirkland Signature Italian-Style Beef Meatballs.

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