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Five California Counties Are Allowed to Reopen Indoor Dining Today, Eight More Can Reopen Next Week

An updated map on the state’s COVID-19 tracker appears to list the newly-red counties: Humboldt, Shasta, Yolo, Marin, and San Mateo. They join Del Norte County (red), Trinity County (orange), Plumas County (red), Sierra County (orange), Alpine County (orange), and Mariposa County (red). Thus far, every reopened county is in Northern California.


However, it’s up to local health officers to make the final call, and so far they’re keeping quiet. In the past, when San Mateo and Marin have moved “up” a tier, they’ve followed state guidance and reopened immediately. If that holds true today, then when the state makes its official announcement — which is might just do via Twitter, for as of publication no media briefing has been announced — the following “red tier” activities can resume:

Indoor restaurant dining rooms can open 25 percent capacity or 100 people, whichever is fewer

Retail stores, including malls, grocery stores and wine shops, can increase capacity to 50 percent

Movie theaters can open at 25 percent capacity (but snack bars and concessions must remain closed)

Outside the food world, gyms and fitness studios can open indoors at 10 percent capacity, and museums can open indoors at 25 percent capacity once the red tier is reached.

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