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To My Live 105 and KFOX Co-Workers

I spent a lot of time in San Francisco working as a DJ at Live 105 and KFOG from the mid 80's to 2010. It was fun!

This past weekend I worked at the Yountville Sip and Stroll. I was not a DJ but was one of those people in a bright yellow EVENT STAFF T-Shirt 🙂

I was at a wine tasting tent with some great people kind of watching over things and helping vendors as needed. Someone at Gentleman Farmer Wines recognized my voice (that hardly ever happens anymore) and we talked about radio and music.

He loved LIve 105 and KFOG and said how much he loved the stations, the events, the music, and the DJs while growing up in the Napa area.

As always, I said thanks and told him that I was really lucky to work at 2 great local stations for so many years. I told them the people on the air and off the air were all stars at what they did. Both stations were incredible places to do radio for a variety of reasons.

Any compliment to me is a compliment to all of you.

Find out about the incredible Genteleman Farmer Winers here

they say

Taking pleasure in wine and food, time slows. The fast pace loosens its hold to a feeling of the world receding. We connect with the natural rhythms of the seasons and each other.

This intention is rooted in the wines we create. Each tells an authentic story of the cultures and traditions that surround them.


P.S. another vendor gave me a great bottle of Pinot Gris. Thanks PWR Wines -- The People's Wine Revolution I had it with a shrimp dinner tonight. SO GOOD!

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