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Email From Foghead

a pretty nice email came my way Saturday afternoon during the Wine Country Saturday Soundtrack on KVYN

(name changed and edited a little)


Hi, my name is Linda. I've lived in Marin and Napa most of my life. I loved KFOG, especially 10 at 10 and all you DJs and the type of music you played.

I had an active life. 11 years ago I fell into the point of a wall and became paralyzed. I was taken to a care center in Auburn, where I had learn to walk and write again. The news didn't include the happenings of the Bay Area. I was there a year. All I wanted to do was get back to the Bay Area and listen to KFOG, my DJs, and 10 at 10 to feel normal again and heal.

In the midst of it all you left, 10 at 10 stopped, Dave Morey was gone. It was upsetting to me.


I love 90% of what you play and make sure I tune in on Saturday.

Welcome back, from a devoted Fog Head.


As a DJ you are a character on the radio. You play music, you have fun, and you hope people listen. It can be easy to forget that your companionship is the most important part of the job. Anybody can shuffle a Spotify playlist. The DJ is what should make the difference. I've always thought the goal of a DJ should be to make it fun to listen to music you like. This was a great reminder of that.

p.s. 90% is pretty good! :)

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