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Coffee Butter Is The Sweet Breakfast Spread Your Mornings Are Missing

We've all heard of peanut butter and even cookie butter, but there's another variation of the spread that will make your breakfast much sweeter: coffee butter. It combines butter with ground coffee beans and confectioner's sugar, resulting in a spread that's creamy with a boost of caffeine all in one bite.

For inspiration, we turn to our original recipe for coffee butter from Tasting Table recipe developer Kristina Preka. For this version, Preka makes homemade butter with heavy cream and infuses it with ground coffee directly in the mixture, but you can make it even easier and use softened store-bought butter for this decadent spread.

There are also other ways to customize coffee butter: You can swap the ground coffee with ground espresso or espresso powder for a deeper, stronger flavor or use instant coffee. But if you use espresso powder or instant coffee, you should dissolve it in a spoonful of hot water first. You can also mix in a pinch of ground cinnamon or nutmeg for a boost of flavor.

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