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Ozzy Osbourne is starting a new internet show about “aliens, drugs, conspiracies and rock ’n’ roll”

Ozzy Osbourne is going to co-host a new internet show called “The Madhouse Chronicles”.

The new series was announced today (April 9) on the Black Sabbath singer’s podcast The Osbournes, co-hosted by his wife/manager Sharon and two of his children, Jack and Kelly.

Osbourne will co-host “The Madhouse Chronicles” with Billy Morrison, the rhythm guitarist for Billy Idol’s solo band.

Morrison is also the ex-bassist of hard rock/heavy metal band The Cult.

Morrison unveiled “The Madhouse Chronicles” on the podcast by saying (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “Our new show, ‘The Madhouse Chronicles’, is dropping this April.”

Morrison explained that the series will show him and Osbourne “reacting to the wildest internet clips and diving into topics like aliens, drugs, conspiracies and rock ’n’ roll”.

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