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"Whatever Happened To Big Rick Stuart?"

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

I'm having fun!

Tomorrow check out "The Wine Country Saturday Soundtrack" a radio show with fun music and great information starting at 8am then all day.

Listen locally in Napa at 99.3 FM, stream from or search KVYN on TuneIn or say "Alexa play 99 point 3 The Vine"

The music mix is from every station and format I have ever worked at including The Quake, Live 105, KFOG, Classic Rock KFOX and music that fits in with the fun upbeat Saturday Soundtrack sound even if I have never played on the air.

We play Elvis Costello and Elvis Presley.

We play The Black Keys, Black Pumas, and The White Stripes.

We play Dave Matthews, David Lee Roth, and Dave Alvin.

We play Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys, X, and XTC.

We play Foreigner, Foo Fighters, and Four Tops.

We play U2, 311, UB40, The B52s, and 10,000 Maniacs.

We play Van Halen, Van Hagar, and Van Morrison.

Ok you get the idea. With no People Meter ratings games to play we can have fun music like that in the mix.

The "great information" is some quick feature type news stories I do. Nothing hard news or politics but info that is fun and useful and local or maybe not. The breaks are a little longer than a regular DJ music show break but I try to keep it an upbeat break that doesn't drag on. Usually they are about 70 to 90 seconds.

Can a music DJ talk too much? Yes – especially if their topics are crap!

I try to avoid that :)

The response has been really good. Tomorrow I'll take care of some requests from my email contact

It really is a special mix of music and info. Have a listen!

Tomorrow topics will include

If you like French fries and hot dogs, you're going to love the Peruvian Street food called Salchipapa.

People are now living longer and they are in better health, not because of French fries and hot dogs.

Valley rapper E 40 has introduced Orangesicle and blueberry flavors to his wine label.

The Academy Awards are this Sunday. We'll talk a little bit about the Academy Awards. I'll tell you where there's an Oscar party happening right here in Napa Valley.

John Travolta got his 737 pilot's license. He loves airplanes.

Wine makers are having trouble these days getting glass bottles. We will talk about some of the problems they're having with that.

ZinX is back this coming weekend in San Francisco. It's a celebration of all things zinfandel.

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