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“Whatever happened to Big Rick Stuart?”

I am still doing radio and having a great time at KVYN Napa every weekend doing the Wine Country Saturday Soundtrack with fun music and great information.

The music is a mix of what I played at Live 105, KFOG, Classic Rock KFOX, some new songs and more.

You might hear Young The Giant, The Clash, Todd Snider, Led Zeppelin, Big Star, Depeche Mode, The Weeknd, Foster The People, Lil Nas X, Zac Brown Band, The Black Keys, The Cure, Earth, Wind & Fire, Pitbull, The Foo Fighters, and The Grateful Dead all in the same hour.

It’s really fun to listen to and is a mix I love to play. I don’t think anybody is doing this kind of wide variety of fun music.

Listen in Napa at 99.3 fm or online from

on TuneIn look for KVYN or say “Alexa play 99 point 3 The Vine”

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