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Sonoma County Camping Spot Named Among Best in the US

The Casini Ranch Family Campground in Duncans Mills has been named one of the top tent camping spots in the country, according to website

The Campspot award winners are “serene and picturesque destinations ideal for tent campers, featuring excellent facilities and breathtaking natural surroundings,” according to the site.

Only a short drive from the Sonoma Coast, Casini Ranch Family Campground, which has been open since 1965, is nestled among pretty hills.

The family-owned and operated RV park and campground sits on a 110-acre ranch that is next to a meandering stretch of the Russian River.

Casini Ranch features a mile of riverfront property allowing campers to “paddle the Russian River, feed horses, spend the day fishing, or fly high on a jumping pillow,” according to Campspot.

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