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Inside the Masters' TV ratings plunge: What it means for golf

“third-lowest-rated tournament telecast in history”

I think PGA Golf & especially The Masters is presented in a fuddy-duddy way. Kick up the graphics music announcing & features & get away from the solemn funeral director boring style of it all.

The Masters TV ratings may not mean a ton to Augusta National, but they mean a great deal to the other stakeholders in golf. The Masters is one of the few objective tests of golf’s popularity, and because the tournament is the most-watched in golf every year, the Masters ratings also provide us with a sense of the sport’s TV ceiling. In a year like 2024 when so much of professional golf has seen significant ratings dips, the Masters also tells us a bit about the health of the professional golf product at large.

Right now, it seems pro golf’s health is declining. On Tuesday morning, CBS released viewership data that showed Scottie Scheffler’s Masters victory was the third-lowest-rated tournament telecast in history (ahead of only the Covid years of 2020 and 2021).

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