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Rapper Cardi B to launch vodka-infused whipped cream

Cardi B has teamed up with California brand consultancy Starco Brands to create a non-dairy, vodka whipped cream.

The squirty cream, which has 10% vodka content, is said to be the result of four years’ worth of research and development, and does not require refrigeration. Instead, it is designed to be stored on shelves alongside other spirits.

“There is a tremendous amount of intellectual property built into the formulation and manufacturing of Whipshots,” Ross Sklar, founder of Starco Brands, told Forbes. “We are the only business in the US with a license to manufacture aerosols in a distillery.”

The potent whipped cream will come in three flavours – caramel, vanilla and chocolate – and can be used to spruce up a cocktail, add a decadent kick to desserts, or anywhere else you might like to use whipped cream.

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