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People shocked after discovering how much food and drink costs at Coachella

I went to Coachella a few times but it was so expensive. Tickets, plus a few days off work, a place to stay, food, merch from bands, travel costs flying or driving, and more. It all added up to a crazy expensive weekend. Saw some good shows and had fun but not worth the cost for me.

TikToker Jackie Tanti took to her page - @jackietanti - last year to reveal she paid an eye-watering amount for two burritos and a coffee, and this year, she took to her page to share how much she had to cough up for a near-identical order of two burritos and a cucumber drink.

Last year, Jackie paid a skin-curling $64 for the three items and sadly, this year, her bank account would appear to be taking a similar hit.

In a video uploaded yesterday (13 April), Jackie gives followers a glimpse of the burritos, which are fairly large, but don't come with a very appetising looking sauce on the side.

And the price she paid for the quick breakfast meal and non-alcoholic drink? Again, a staggering $64.

One X user took to the platform to share the cost of pizza at the festival, a 'whole large pie' costing a staggering $65 and a lemonade a sob-worthy $9.

As another user wrote: "Enjoy! Don't check prices."

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