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Oakland Gets Its First Dedicated Detroit-Style Pizza Restaurant


A first look at the new Square Pie Guys, which brings the crispy cheese edges to Old Oakland on March 1

Along with hot chicken and quesabirria, Detroit-style pizza has been one of the biggest food trends to hit the Bay Area in the past couple of years. But in Oakland, Detroit-style rectangular pies, with their characteristic thick crusts and charred, crispy-cheese square edges, have thus far mostly been found at pop-ups and ghost kitchens, or as one option on a broader pizza menu.

That is, until a couple of weeks from now, when the SoMa-based Detroit pizza restaurant Square Pie Guys brings its immensely popular take on the genre to the former Benchmark Pizzeria location in Old Oakland. It’s the brand’s first East Bay expansion, and by all appearances, it will be the city’s first full-fledged, dedicated Detroit-style pizza shop.

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