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MET-Rx Announces Contest to Train and Fuel with Georgia Bulldogs Star Tight End Brock Bowers (from Napa) on the Eve of the Draft

"Train with Brock, Fuel with MET-Rx," a social media contest offering the chance to join Brock in his Napa, California hometown on Wednesday, April 24th– the day before first-round picks are made. Brock and the fan will train together and fuel together as Brock prepares for draft day.

Bowers, widely regarded by scouts as the most promising tight end in this year's draft class, is expected to be one of the top first-round prospects.

"As Brock's active nutrition partner, we're proud to have played a small part in fueling his phenomenal football career," said Bree Randall, MET-Rx marketing and innovation director. "Brock's unparalleled talent, work ethic, and character have inspired scores of student athletes and young fans, and with this contest, they'll have the chance to train with him as he prepares for draft day."

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