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Celebrities and fashion designers embrace exposed bum crack trend

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photos at the link

Sartorial inspiration can spring from the unlikeliest of places.

In the year of our lord, 2024, the source is potentially squatting on their haunches, unclogging your kitchen drain. That’s according to New York Magazine’s The Cut, which published an article on Wednesday decreeing that “Cracks Are Back”.

“Celebs have gone in search of a fresh take on provocative attire: intentionally flashing some intergluteal cleft,” reporter Emily Kirkpatrick writes

No longer is (inadvertently) exposing one’s so-called “butt-cleavage” an honor reserved for plumbers. For the A-list, Kirkpatrick says, “butt crack has never been hotter.”

Asked if this would translate to consumers, Ukrainian-born, London-based designer Masha Popova – who showed cut-out butt cheek jeans at her AW24 presentation – suggested it’s likely, given that “many people are becoming increasingly confident in showcasing their natural forms.”

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