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Bicycle + Trailer + Bike Trail + New Grocery Store = :) (but first pizza!)

A bicycle trip to Ciccio in Yountville to get some pizza and sides for dinner.

The bike, trailer, and ELEVENPINE "spandex alternative" cycling shorts make me happy.

Oh the pizza does too

A few years ago I got a Topeak Journey Trailer for my bicycle. I wasn't really sure exactly what I would use it for at the time but I wanted to be able to ride it to the grocery store and do some shopping. One of my favorite bicycle adventure video creators Ryan Van Duzer does this kind of thing all the time. I figured I could at least do it every now and then. Sometimes I use it to get lunch or dinner on short trips. Sometimes I just ride around with it for fun. It handles great and doesn't really change much for me on rides. Now I finally get to do some real grocery shopping with it!

When I first go it I waited around for a while to get everything hooked up. It turned out it wouldn't work on my 3 speed Electra Rat Fink cruiser.

The Rat Fink bicycle on the Napa Vine Trail

It did attach just fine on my Zinn bicycle (seen above) that I love to ride and have taken across Iowa on RAGBRAI a few times as well as multiple charity rides and lots of miles in Napa Valley.

I recycled a styrofoam cooler that fits perfectly in half of my trailer dry bag.

The Vine Trail is a great way to get around Napa Valley. It just so happens that I am at one end of this section and at the other end about 6 miles away is a new Grocery Outlet store. I love these places. They are locally owned, have great prices, and usually I can find whatever I need there.

Now I have the bike, trailer, a bike path, and a grocery store!

With this setup I can do 12 miles of bike path riding to get groceries. I am looking forward to many trips. I could even go at night.

I'm getting my Duzer on!

P.S. I met Duzer at RAGBRAI in 2019 and his joie de vivre is awesome to behold.

Just watch! (no that's not me or him in the video still)

Oh and here's the Squash Blossom and Pea Tendril pizza and Hope and Grace wine

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