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YouTube engineer pleads no contest in LSD-fueled rampage in Bodega Bay

Betai Koffi, a 33-year-old San Francisco resident, entered his plea Wednesday in Sonoma County Superior Court just days before his preliminary hearing was set to begin. Koffi will be sentenced in February and remains severely injured after a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy ended last year’s Fourth of July frenzy, shooting Koffi, who was behind the wheel of a stolen security truck, three times.

Koffi is paralyzed on his left side with limited use of his arm and is undergoing physical therapy to regain his movement and speech, his attorney Stephen Gallenson told The Chronicle.

“He feels terrible about it and he’s remorseful about the harm he caused to others and it’s affected his life significantly,” Gallenson said. “He’s taking responsibility and wants to move forward with his life. ... Fortunately, no one except for him was hurt badly.”

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