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"We're Loving Drew Barrymore's New Appliances—Including the Coolest Coffee Maker We've Ever Seen"

The new $100 Beautiful Perfect Grind Programmable Single Serve Coffee Maker is available in white icing, sage green, cornflower blue, and black sesame. It’s programable, like Beautiful’s larger coffee maker from a previous launch, so you can set it up at night and wake up to a fresh brew in the morning—what a great way to start the day.

You can also choose your cup's size and coffee strength, if you want your drink hot or iced, and if you’re using whole beans or grounds. It does all of that without the waste of the traditional pods that typically come tied to a single-serving coffee maker, and there’s a reusable filter, so you won’t have to stock up on paper filters.

The grinder is pretty powerful—it can grind enough coffee for up to 16 cups before refilling it. It’s truly the perfect setup if you don’t have a ton of extra counter space and prepare your coffee one cup at a time.

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