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Utah Teen Sues State Over Social Media Law

from fstoppers

Utah high school student Hannah Zoulek has mounted a challenge against the state of Utah, targeting the controversial Social Media Regulation Act set to be enacted on March 1.

This act requires social media platforms to verify the ages of users and secure parental consent for users under 18. It also imposes a digital curfew, barring minors from accessing these platforms from 10:30 pm to 6:30 am.

The law has drawn criticism for its ambiguous definitions, especially in terms of what constitutes "harm" and "addiction." This vagueness leaves social media companies in a predicament, unsure of what actions or features might lead to significant fines, potentially reaching $250,000 per violation. The fear is that, to avoid these heavy penalties, platforms might restrict or even prohibit access to their services for younger users.

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