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Tyra Banks Opened a ‘Smize’ Cream Shop in Santa Monica Last Week

Banks maneuvered through different projects over the decades from being an entrepreneur and teaching classes at Stanford business school to producing the Emmy award-winning show America’s Next Top Model. But now Banks has a new venture that opened July 3 in the Santa Monica Place mall: An ice cream shop called Smize Cream, a clear nod to her modeling term “smize,” which describes smiling with your eyes.

Smize Cream started as a springtime pop-up in Santa Monica.

To be clear, Smize Cream is made with more egg yolk than its sister ice cream variety, so this qualifies stuff as frozen custard, with a cookie dough truffle covered in sprinkles at the bottom of every cup. For now, Smize Cream will begin with seven flavors, and of course, flavors will have names that her fans will likely adore:

The best vanilla I ever had

Strawberry ‘birthyay’ cake

Brownies, I love you

Purple cookie mon-star and me

Salted caramel king

Cookie caramel queen

Chocolate barbecue

Smize Cream will also be available for nationwide shipping via its online shop.

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