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Toy Camera Black and White Photography

Lots of people took up new hobbies during Covid. I decided to expand my photography skills (and gear) to explore both digital and film. It has been fun and I have had to learn a lot of new vocabulary coming from a Point and Shoot Olympus TG-4 to a Sony a6400.

I also got an old Olympus OM-1 film camera out of the garage and bought a small plastic toy 35mm camera - the RETO Project Ultra Wide & Slim. It is just $30, easy to use, and easy to carry around. Buy it in the US at B&H Photo.

These are some shots from the Black Stallion Winery in Napa. I was on a bicycle ride so I took the Ultra Wide & Slim loaded with Derev Pan 100 B&W film from the Film Photography Project. They describe it as

Hand-rolled into 36 exposure cartridges, Film Photography Project’s new and spectacular panchromatic BW film line DEREV is named after the forests of Ukraine, it's country of origin as a scientific aerial photographic film.

A panchromatic mylar-based BW film with good exposure latitude and extremely sharp fine grain.

All my film has been developed and scanned by The Darkroom

more photos on my Instagram bigrickxldj

the dramatic statue and fountain at the entrance

same photo with some processing in PhotoScape X

A vintage GMC flatbed truck

mysterious doors

a vineyard wind machine

pipes full of wine (sometimes)

vineyard marker "Black Stallion Excellent Wine" maybe :)

I was there as a guide for Napa Valley Bike Tours

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