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Steak Toasters, Indoor Smokers and Robot Cocktails: All the Kitchen Tech of CES 2024

from CNET

Among all of the cool tech stuff at CES 2024 (including our best of show picks), there were a lot of great inventions and gadgets for your kitchen.

The world's largest tech expo had cooking robots, smart kitchen composters and even a toaster meant to sear your best rib eyes, vertically, in under 2 minutes.

Hungry for more? Here's all the best cooking tech and kitchen innovation we spotted at CES 2024.

A $3,500 toaster for steak

The SeerGrills Perfecta, which cooks meat standing upright with burners that reach "up to 1,600 degrees F"

Weber Summit Smart Grill

The $3,800 Summit SmartFS38X is the brand's most intelligent grill yet, with all digital controls and burners that adjust on their own to maintain optimal temperature and reignite themselves when they go out

GE Profile Indoor Smart Smoker

GE Profle's indoor BBQ smoker was one of the buzziest reveals at CES. The novel appliance uses a catalytic converter to remove the nasty bits from smoke

TechMagic Stir-Fry robot

The mostly autonomous machine is huge and meant for restaurants. It turned out tasty stir-fry in under 2 minutes

Samsung Bespoke Smart Fridge

Samsung's new Bespoke Smart Fridge can ID up to 33 items in your fridge and suggest recipes to make with them

iGulu F1 Home Brewer

The whole process takes about two weeks to make a hoppy IPA, creamy stout or citrus wheat bear

Barsys 360 Cocktail Robot

The Barsys 360 has six receptacles to pour booze, juice and other mixers. An app lets you know which cocktails you can make with the ingredients, and a special cup with paddles mixes up the drink for you

Reencle Gravity Composter

It uses microbes to turn food scraps into usable soil

WillCook Oven Bag

This stylish bag uses battery-generated heat to keep food warm for up to 8 hours

Bello Water Purifier and Infuser

purifies your H2O and adds a flavor punch such as lemon-matcha or mango

ColdSnap Ice Cream Robot

the Keurig of ice cream makers is inching closer to consumer release

Sevvy Smart Cooker

...uses AI-powered software to make sure that food is heated precisely and evenly. It's not clear yet if Sevvy will bring the prototype to market or license its technology to larger appliance makers

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