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Southern Living "Our Best Chili Recipes"

I love chili! I prefer Texas style with no beans but I like it all. You are sure to find something you like at this Southern Living collection.

I am a fan of the Gebhardt Chili Powder. You can find it everywhere. It is flavorful but not hot. I end up making chili for people that want flavor but not "5 Alarm" or even "3 Alarm" this is maybe 1 o 2 Alarm so you can heat up the pot of chili with other things as you like.

Texas Chili

Born in Germany to Fredrick and Wilhelmine Gebhardt on 16 March 1875, William Fredrick Gebhardt immigrated to the United States in 1883. His parents settled in the German enclave of New Braunfels, Texas in 1885 where young Willie grew up speaking German but quickly learned to read and write English. Soon he became a citizen by means of his father's naturalization.

Willie loved to cook and in 1892 he opened his first café at the back of the Ludwig Saloon. During the course of his four-year ownership of the café, the attached saloon changed names no less than three times.

From 1893 - 1895 it was known as the Mittendorf & Son Saloon, but a fire put the bar out of business.

Renamed the Phoenix Saloon after its subsequent remodeling, the bar was a lively social place. Part zoo and part show, (an alligator pit and badger fights entertained the crowd), a parrot greeted leaving customers with a squawked, "Haben Sie bezahlt?" ("Did you pay your bill?")

The café served lunch and dinner, and had a traditional Biergarten attached to the saloon. Believed to be the first bar in Texas to serve women, the female customers were nonetheless segregated into a corner section of the Biergarten.

To get their drinks, the ladies had to ring a bell that was placed in a tree. (In late the 1800s, a woman’s reputation would be muddied if seen drinking alcohol in public. However, immigrant German culture often superseded local native culture)!

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