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Selling a Used Car? Here are 20 Photo Tips

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This has some really good tips on getting the best photos for a car (and other things) using a camera or a smartphone.

If you are selling a used car online, one great way to make your car stand out from the rest and attract more attention is to up your photo game. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture compelling images of the car or truck you are ready to sell—a few simple tips can help your photos grab the attention of possible buyers.

You’ve seen the standard used-car photo—the boring shot taken outside a dealership, in a driveway or crowded parking lot, midday, from standing eye level, of a sterile-looking car, with a wide-angle smartphone camera lens. This type of photo won’t help your online car ad stand out. Better photographs will.

In general, you’ll want to approach the photo shoot for the car in the same way you’d approach it for any other type of deliberate (non-snapshot) photography. This requires paying attention to photographic details that others might miss.

Speaking of smartphones, you can certainly use a smartphone camera to get good images of your car. Many of these tips will apply to the photographer regardless of what gear is being used.

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