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Santa Barbara’s luxury Hotel Californian sells to Foley Entertainment Group

The picturesque Hotel Californian, near the Santa Barbara waterfront has been purchased by the Foley Entertainment Group.

Chairman Bill Foley has had a deep connection to the Santa Barbara area for years, and his Foley Estates Winery is nearby in the Santa Ynez Valley.

The 121-room hotel on State Street at Mason covers three corners.

In a statement, Foley said, “Hotel Californian’s reputation for five-star service perfectly aligns with the philosophy of Foley Entertainment Group and allows guests to experience true luxury at one of the finest oceanside properties in all of California. What makes the acquisition even more special for us is our family’s connection to and love for the city of Santa Barbara. It is a magnificent place.”

Foley Entertainment Group co-CEO Randy Morton said, “Hotel Californian has

embraced the incredible opportunity of being part of the renaissance of Lower State Street and the growth of Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone. We look forward to innovative

collaborations with the Foley Food & Wine Society and other FEG entities to enhance the

guest experience even further.”

The group is also announcing plans to make the Blackbird restaurant the future home of the Foley Food & Wine Society tasting bar, with plans for an opening this fall.

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