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Replacing Butter With Olive Oil May Reduce Your Risk of Disease and Death

I use a lot of olive oil!

more at Prevention

The research pointed strongly to olive oil as a contributor to a healthier, longer life. During the 28-year follow-up, researchers found that participants that consumed more olive oil had a 19% lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, 17% lower risk of cancer mortality, 29% lower risk of death from neurodegenerative disease (like Alzheimer’s), and 18% lower risk of respiratory disease mortality.

In fact, the study showed that substituting 10 grams (half a tablespoon) a day of margarine, butter, mayonnaise, and dairy fat with the equivalent of olive oil could lower the risk of mortality by up to 34% in participants. Meanwhile, researchers found there was no notable improvement when using other vegetable oils, like canola or safflower.

“Our results provide further support for recommendations to replace saturated fat and animal fat with unsaturated plant oils, such as olive oil, for the prevention of premature death,”

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