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Parklets to be removed in Paso Robles later this year

Should they stay or should they go? Paso Robles decided to get rid of parklets later this year and some business owners aren't happy. "I just think it's a very irresponsible stance at the moment because nobody knows where this coronavirus delta variant is going to go,” said Carole MacDonal, owner of Il Cortile Ristorante and La Cosecha Bar + Restaurant in Paso Robles. The Downtown Paso Robles Main Street board of directors sent out information this week affirming what the Paso Robles City Council decided: to close down all downtown parklets by Nov. 1. "I was shocked when I found out that the Main Street Association was going to do that because I just don't feel they're representing all the businesses that they're supposed to represent,” MacDonal said. The announcement read in part: “It is understood that the parklets were a temporary response due to an emergency situation,” but MacDonal says we're not out of the woods yet. She says the parklets allow her to space out tables, bring in more streams of revenue for both restaurants and the city and that patrons want to sit outside to feel safe.

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