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Olympic Photographer Catches Bullets in Mid-Air with the Sony Alpha 1

Ok he didn't catch a bullet like Superman but he did with a camera that shoots at a shutter speed of 1/32000 of a second.

more at Peta Pixel

The Nikon Z9 isn’t the only mirrorless camera that makes it easier to capture speeding bullets in mid-air. Lithuania photographer Vytautas Dranginis has been catching them at the 2022 Winter Olympics with a Sony Alpha 1.

Dranginis, a sports photographer who has been covering the Beijing Games for Lithuania’s National Olympic Committee (NOC), has captured at least 6 photos containing bullets leaving rifles being fired during the shooting portion of biathlon events.

While Nikon’s flagship Z9 can shoot at a staggering clip of 120 frames per second for 11-megapixel photos, the rival flagship Sony Alpha 1 is no slouch either, capturing 30fps with the electronic shutter.

“When Sony Alpha 1 came out, I got myself one as quickly as possible, mainly for 30 frames per second and 120 autofocus calculations every second,” Dranginis tells PetaPixel. “For a sports photographer like me, accurate focus and speed are absolutely necessary.”

photo Vytautas Dranginis - PetaPixel

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