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Oakland's vibe is alive: Triumphant return for First Fridays

Updated: Oct 8, 2021


For the first time in 18 months, First Fridays recently returned to Oakland, bringing art, music and culture back to the open streets.

Organizers said people love the event because it is "authentically Oakland" and that it's been a long road to get the popular event back to Uptown Oakland.

The city of Oakland once covered some of the costs associated with the monthly event, but this time around, organizers said they had to raise the funds on their own.

The First Fridays event covers a six-block stretch of Telegraph Avenue and draws a large turnout.

"We keep it real. It has the Oakland vibe," Shari Godinez, First Fridays executive director, said of the event.

The live entertainment included a fashion show, and a touch of nostalgia with a classic car show.

Organizers hope the beat goes on for First Fridays. There is relief that this integral part of Oakland is alive once again.

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