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Oakland auto thefts jumped 44% in 2023

14,700 in 2023

14,700/365 = 40 auto thefts per day

That seems unreal! Auto insurance rates must be sky high.

from KTVU

OAKLAND, Calif. - It's a problem drivers in Oakland are well aware of. Last year, the number of car thefts in Oakland was the highest it's been in more than a decade, with more than 14,700 thefts reported in 2023. That's a 44% increase in auto thefts compared to 2022.

An auto break-in or burglary is when someone smashes the window to steal something inside. An auto theft is when someone steals the entire vehicle.

Sean Wilson's surveillance cameras have caught car thieves in the act.

"Truck pulls up, guy gets out. Within 30 seconds the car is gone," he said, describing surveillance video from outside a property he manages at 61st and Lowell streets in North Oakland. Last month, the cameras captured the theft of one of his tenant's cars, a bright blue Subaru WRX.

"Literally in 60 seconds, like the movie, ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’," Wilson said. "I have it all on film, sent it to the police. Nothing happens. It's frustrating."

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