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Need a ticket for the Super Bowl? Demand driving prices higher

The average price of Super Bowl 58 tickets sold on the platform as of Tuesday was $8,700. The get-in price was around $5,600.

“It’s on the higher side,” he said, “but certainly not something completely unprecedented.”

Even as demand soars, Budelli emphasized that it was important to note how early it was in the “life cycle” of ticket sales, and also that demand was typically at its highest immediately following the announcement of the Super Bowl’s matchup and in the three days leading up to the game.

California buyers are accounting for the majority of ticket sales sold throughStubHub, at 26%, he said.

Matt Ferrel, vice president of growth at TickPick, another online ticket seller, said data from the platform showed tickets for the Super Bowl this year were the priciest they’ve been on record, with an average purchase price of around $9,800 — about 70% more expensive than the same time last year.

Historically, Ferrel said, prices come down closer to the game. That’s not a guarantee, however.

Buying just one ticket may also be the way to go, he said.

“So although we love to go with our friends and family, I can assure you in the Super Bowl (those buying a single ticket will) be surrounded by like-minded fans, and probably have a good time, but might be able to secure your ticket (and) have it be a little bit more affordable,” Budelli said.

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