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Make a Mini Loaf of Bread With a Single Cup of Flour

There are loads of simple white bread recipes out there, many of which yield multiple loaves worth of dough. Whether you’re a seasoned bread baker, or trying your hand at yeast breads for the first time, sometimes you just want one small loaf of bread. Here’s a recipe for a single, mini loaf of bread with a short ingredient list, no pre-ferment, and a quick bake time.

How you can make homemade bread faster

More traditional bread recipes build flavor with a pre-fermented yeast mixture. That might come in the form of a sourdough mother, a poolish, or a biga. These large-batch, lean breads require long periods of kneading high-gluten bread flour to achieve a chewy texture, and extensive proof times.

But if all you want is a casual, small loaf of bread, less is more. Breads created to be made the same day can skip the pre-ferment the night before, and use a higher dose of instant, or active dry yeast, to make more gas in less time. (More bubbles make for a faster proof time.) Would some bread-heads say this is “bad bread”? Maybe. But they’re wrong. I have had bad bread, and this is not it.

If you don’t have bread flour, you can use all-purpose flour. The bread won’t be as chewy, but the slightly lower protein content will render the dough less elastic, and that will allow the gas bubbles to move and expand more freely. Now you’ve got a comparatively fast yeast-raised loaf, which will have more of a malty flavor than fermented flavor and a bit less chew. These aren’t bad things. In fact, this is the perfect white sandwich bread.

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