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Love This Portable Bicycle Rack

"Dick Allen began his career working on aerospace technology for the Apollo program"

I'm going to use this bicycle rack this week and I'm always reminded how versatile it is and how much I like it.

I bought this Allen Sports USA rack about 7 years ago and I love it. Some bike racks cost as much or more than bicycles and they seem to be pretty good but maybe you don't need to spend that much or you don't want to modify your vehicle.

I love that it will adapt to fit a lot of different vehicles and bicycles. The straps have a lot of adjustment. It won't fit everything but it gets close. They have a Rack Finder that will help figure out what will fit your vehicle.

If your bicycle has a traditional top bar all the better. There is a version for 1 bike and 35 lb limit or a 2 bike 70 lb version. They have other racks as well.

I have used this on flat trunk sedans, compact SUV's, and big SUV's. I have used it for short trips and longer freeway speed trips. I've never had an issue.

If you get it buy some velcro straps to use to keep the wheels from spinning while you drive.

No hitch needed for under your vehicle, no heavy crazy thing to put on and take off and find a place to store. It stores inside your trunk nobody will steal it.

Since it folds up for storage that also means you could fly with it in your luggage and use it for a rental car if you go some place with your bike or rent one at your destination.

I have taken my car to get serviced with my bicycle and when I dropped off the car I fold up this rack, put it in the car, and ridden home. I have also ridden with it in a small backpack like a Camelback to get my car from service.

The bicycle world is crazy these days! It can be hard to find a new bicycle, service is often scheduled pretty far out and accessories can be hard to find. The cost of things is probably a shock to many people. Bicycle stuff can be pricey.

If a $700 rack is your thing awesome but if not here is a way to get your bike to where you want to ride with a little money left over for fun!

If this works with your bicycle and vehicle I think it is a great buy.

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