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How to make a QR code on your iPhone to connect guests to your Wi-Fi

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Rather than have a guest select your Wi-Fi network and then enter a fiddly password, just make them a QR code their iPhone can read. Here's how to do it.

You wouldn't want to put a QR code for accessing your network up on street corners like a lost cat photo. Yet when someone you trust comes to your house, giving them your Wi-Fi password is as important as showing them where the restroom is — if fiddlier.

If your Wi-Fi password is any good at all, they are guaranteed to have to ask you to spell - it - out - slow - ly. Or if your password isn't any good, they'll first have to figure out which of the many networks in reach is yours.

So instead of that, you can make them a QR code. Perhaps you could email it to them, more likely you need to find a way to show it when they arrive.

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