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Historic Museum of Pinball to Close for Good

California’s Museum of Pinball is closing for good, and its collection of “over 1,100” machines is going up for individual auctions, ArsTechnica reports.

The nonprofit museum’s lead tech Chuck Casey announced the closure on Monday, stating that museum organizers were unable to arrange a move of the collection, secure a single buyer, or secure a sponsorship before a deadline. Museum organizers previously attempted to arrange a move from Banning, California (about 2.5 hours outside of Los Angeles) to the resort city of Palm Springs 20 minutes away.

Casey added that all of the museum’s games would go up for auction in the future at the Banning location, with details to come. Participants will be able to place bids online or in person. The failure to secure a single buyer will likely mean the collection will become scattered to numerous different owners.

The 18-acre campus that houses the pinball collection will be turned into a cannabis farm, according to the local news.

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Curtis Gomez
Curtis Gomez
Jul 25, 2021

Because... There's not enough cannabis farms.

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