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Helen Mirren chased off a 'naughty bear' at her home in Lake Tahoe

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren lives in Nevada now and keeps having run-ins with "naughty bears" near her home.

Mirren opened up having "a bit of a meeting with a bear" while quarantining with her husband at their Nevada home in a segment called "Helen Mirren Talks About Animals" during Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards. The actress made an appearance on the prerecorded show as a presenter.

"I shooed the bear away," Mirren said. "I told him he was a naughty bear."

"He was a young bear, so I just said, 'no, naughty bear, go on, go, off you go,'" she added.

"You're supposed to make yourself as big as possible and say, 'Bad bear,'" she continued. "'Cause it was not a big bear, it was a smaller bear, so I just said, 'you naughty bear. Go on, go away.'"

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