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Gondola flips in Venice while tourists were trying to take selfies

The gondolier had been attempting a tricky maneuver to get under the bridge while the tourists from China continued to shift around the boat while taking pictures of themselves and the city’s famed sights, the Guardian reported.

The gondolier had told the five passengers to sit still until they were under the bridge so as not to disrupt the boat’s center of gravity.

Despite the warning, the passengers continued to stand and take more pictures, causing the boat to tip over.

In videos shared to social media, the tourists were seen clinging to the boat, yelling: “Oh my God,” as they desperately tried to pull themselves into a nearby vessel.

The gondolier also jumped into the freezing waters of the canal, helping the passengers to safety on a rescue gondola.

They were later provided “hospitality and warmth” inside the La Fenice theatre, the Guardian reported.

No injuries were reported.

video at the link

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