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From My Bookmarks "Honda 49cc Motor Scooter Ride US Coast-to-Coast in 2004"

I love this story and have had it bookmarked for many years so I can read about this guy on his adventure riding a small Honda Metropolitan 50cc scooter.

They look like kind of cartoon-y and no they aren't freeway legal.

I had one of these by way of a family member and these little Honda scooters are really fun but not fast. I couldn't think of riding it across the U.S.A. on a journey like this.

The route wasn't the shortest and the Honda held up well but he did have some "adventures."

The story starts...

The Road to Somewhere?


Synopsis: During the summer of 2004, I rode a little 2003 Honda Metropolitan 49cc motor scooter on a 9,400 mile transnational, cross-country journey from Baltimore, Maryland to Los Angeles, California.

Purpose: A summer challenge. Visit lots of US national parks. Move to Hollywood. Travel at a fine bicycle pace. Write a chapter of my autophotobiography. See the American back country - the details below the clouds. Test the bike for RTW practicality.

Route: Baltimore-Roanoke-Stecoah-Knoxville-Louisville-Memphis-Tulsa-SantaFe- Moab-LasVegas-Tahoe-Eugene-SanFrancisco-PalmSprings-LosAngeles.

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