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Does Hyper Decanting Your Wine Actually Make It Taste Better?

Hyper Decanting means putting wine in a blender for a spin or using a stick blender. Yes it's kind of crazy but yes it works to get rid of harsh tannins.

I have done it a few times with cheap young wines like a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Syrah but I have never done it on any wine I paid $20 and up.

I say do a little research on hyper decanting and give it a try!

"I wouldn't necessarily say that [hyper decanting] is a benefit, but maybe more of a tool to fit your personal tastes."

When asked whether hyper decanting is preferable for certain types of wine over others, Barrango clearly and succinctly answers, "No."

Hyper decanting is a technique that does not discriminate. If you've got a blender handy, try it with your favorite wines and go from there.

Hyper decanting presents an innovative, if unorthodox, method to enhance your wine-tasting experience, reminding us that the world of wine is ever-evolving and ripe with possibilities.

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