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Davis Community Park - Skate Park Davis California

I really like Davis. It's got a great College Town vibe. It's clean, seems safe and friendly, has some nice older homes, there is a lot of cultural variety, and the Davis Community Park is huge with a lot going on!

Yes the summers are a little warm :)

I took this with a little bit of a slower shutter speed than I might use for "action sports" because the skater is making a turn right in front of me and this was about as slow as he would be. I think it came out pretty good but I could have bumped up the shutter speed a little. The focus tracking of the Sony camera worked great for getting shots at the skate park.

This is my favorite of the photos I took because the underside of the skateboard can be seen. Cool flames.

Sony a6400

ƒ/8.0 35.0 mm 1/250 ISO100

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