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Coffee Please! I like Cafe La Llave

I do a lot of home roasting of green coffee beans but lately I have started buying these vacuum packed 10 oz packages of Cafe La Llave at Safeway. It is a fine ground dark roast that I can make in my espresso machine or my Hamilton Beach "The Scoop" single serve coffer maker. Reviews at Amazon are good and people seem to use it in just about any coffee maker.

I love the price and the flavor is nice and strong and while I don't add anything to it it would hold up to any milk or cream or anything else for a good coffee drink. There is even a decaffeinated version.

To keep it fresh I keep the coffee fresh after opening the brick I put in in my Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister.

Did I mention I love the price of the coffee?!

Cafe La Llave says

A History as Rich as Our Coffee

The Café La Llave story begins almost a century-and-a-half ago where two brothers, arrived in the New World with a simple dream – to seek a better life. It is in the rich coffee-bearing mountains of southern Cuba where their story began cultivating some of the world’s finest coffees.

From growers, the brothers then started roasting coffee in their estate, Hacienda Buenos Aires, gaining the respect of the community. It was also here where Francisco Gaviña was born; where he raised his 4 children teaching them the art of coffee - growing quality coffee and roasting it to perfection.

Leaving Cuba during the revolution, Francisco and his family settled in Los Angeles returning to the coffee business in 1967 – fulfilling a dream of bringing an authentic taste of home to Latinos everywhere.

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Passion for One of the World’s Perfect Latin Espresso

It takes more than passion to create an authentic cafecito. It takes dedication, a rich history and over 143 years of coffee-roasting expertise. A tradition that began in Cuba, Café La Llave is expertly roasted for a classic Latin flavor perfected by Latin coffee drinkers, for Latin coffee drinkers. Made with espresso dark-roasted coffee.

Bold. Full-bodied. Strong.

That’s family tradition you can taste.


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