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Are Expensive Batteries Really Any Better Than Cheap Ones?

The price point is likely a driving force behind whatever battery brand you decide to get. But perhaps more important than their upfront cost, users should be aware of how much a pack will cost them over time. Sure, you might save a buck or two by buying at your local dollar store, but if the batteries die out quicker, that means you'll be spending more in the long run as you go about replacing them.

The Freakin' Reviews test assessed how much each battery pack cost per hour. The $4.99 CVS brand batteries came out highest with an average of 28.3 cents per hour, with each battery costing $1.25 each. The Duracell Quantum came in next costing 25.4 cents an hour and $1.75 per battery. It's a surprising discovery considering Quantum's $6.99 price tag but nevertheless showcases how deceiving upfront costs can be when judging prolonged battery performance.

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