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Another Piece of Santa Barbara Culture Is Restored with Return of Nite Moves

People were bustin’ their moves again on a Wednesday evening at the Santa Barbara waterfront.

Nite Moves, a weekly family-friendly endurance sports series and party that has been a spring-summer tradition since 1989, was back after the 2020 season was canceled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 300 participants of all ages gathered at Leadbetter Beach for the delayed opener, as Nites Moves normally starts in May. They were pumped to do either a 1-kilometer ocean swim or 5k run/walk, or both events. Kids were excited about running a 1k dash that ended at the same finish line as the 5k.

At the conclusion of the swim, run/walk and aquathon (the combined events), athletes relaxed at a party that included live music, carnitas tacos and McConnells ice cream.

Nite Moves owner and director Jay Campbell stopped from loading equipment in a van, gazed over at the party and smiled. He was elated to be back in business.

“I think it went really well just because we were out here, and I loved it,” he said, proudly. “Everyone has been so supportive. I feel so blessed and I just feel honored that the people have come out for this event. The excitement level is top notch, and you can’t beat that.”

Nite Moves will run every Wednesday through Aug. 25.

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